What is the Objective of Literature?

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What is the Objective of Literature?

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Literature, alternatively known as ‘the representation of life’ is studied critically in literature departments all across the world. But there have always been debates regarding why literature is studied as a discipline and what are the objectives of these studies. However, as Terry Eagleton has suggested in this popular essay “The Study of English”, literature or more specifically English literature was brought under the umbrella of education as a discipline when England was experiencing tremendous industrial revolutions. The principal objective then was to teach the middle and lower class people some moral lessons.

But, during the course of time, this concept has had an enormous change. People now study literature not only to learn some so called ‘moral lessons’, but it mingles with certain other objectives as well. However, following is a list of some of the highly cited objectives of literature as a discipline.

Producing Critiques:

People who do not have much knowledge about literature departments often have misconceptions regarding what are taught at these departments. But the truth is that the principal objective of the literature departments across the world is to produce critiques that are trained to estimate or judge literary texts and other regular life experiences as well. Basically, literature students are critiques who know how to deal with things of different dimensions in different ways and perspectives.

Trans-cultural Mingling:

As literature deals with life and daily life affairs, literary texts therefore focus on cultural influences and practices. The objective of literately studies is that those who study literature get to understand different cultures and their differences. It broadens their perspectives and the way they see the world.

Creating a fundamental branch of education:

Unlike many of the training based educational disciplines, literature is regarded as a fundamental branch of knowledge and moreover a branch of education. Literature reflects the true human feelings and life events, those who study literature get better education that many other students who study training based educational disciplines.

Better understanding of human life experiences:

Objectives of Literature

Literature Studies

What else but literature represents human experiences in a better manner? When someone studies literature as a branch of knowledge, s/he comes to gather knowledge of understanding human life experiences in a better manner. Like the animals that can understand any natural calamities prior to its occurrence, a literature student understands real life matters prior to its occurrence.

Compatibility in the job market:

Although critiques widely argue whether the principal objective of literature should be to ensure better jobs or not, but the true fact is that students of literature discipline get the better chances of ensuring compatible jobs. For most of them, this secondary objective becomes primary because most of the literature students prefer not to be critiques.

Finally, objectives of literature as a discipline are a much debated issue that has several answers. Though colleges and universities worldwide teach literature as a discipline, but the objectives of studying literature remains different unlike the non-fundamental educational disciplines.




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