Sprained Ankle

Sprained ankle is a common health problem faced by some 90% of the people.

Sprained Ankle: The Symptoms and Signs

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HEM, the no. one sprained ankle solutionA sprained ankle, a very common musculoskeletal disorder has some signs and symptoms that help physicians and victims to recognize the dimension of the pain and injury. Some of the common sprained ankle symptom includes severe swelling, long lasting pain, inflexibility of the ankle muscles etc. however, following is a broader discussion on the symptoms and signs of this common health disorder. But, before that, buy effective medications for sprained ankle first.

Severe swelling is a very common symptom of ankle sprains. The level of swelling may vary though depending on the level of the injury. Experts classify ankle sprains into three major groups depending on a number of facts. They are severe, severest and light. However, in the initial stage, when the ankle sprain remains normal, the victim is supposed to experience light swelling. But, with the increase of the pain, the level of swelling rises. Medical studies support that swelling occurs because when the ligaments get torn, some excessive amount of fluid gets to the injured part of the ankle which basically causes the swelling. However, there are some unique ways of avoiding this swelling. Using ice at the initial stage is proven as effective. But, physicians forbid using ice directly on the skin.

Feeling either acute or severe pain is another very important symptom of sprained ankles. However, the level of pain differs based on the level of the injury and some other factors. Usually, the victims starts feeling pain hours after getting the ankles sprained. But, the level of pain basically depends on the depth of the sprain. By the way, talking pain killer pills is a very common method of reducing this pain immediately though this method has some high health risks. Physician suggests that excessive usage of pain killers often cause damages in the nervous system. In addition, applying ice works with pain reduction as well.

The sprained ankle often becomes reddish which is seen as another common symptom of ankle sprain. It happens because when the ankle ligaments get torn, the injured part of the body experiences severe blood flow that can be held liable for the reddishness. Using specific medications for recovering from this reddish colour effects work in such cases.

Another very common symptom of a sprained ankle is that soon after the injury, the victim experiences rise of temperature of the body of the inquired person. This rise is often mistaken as fever. Though taking pain killer pills work in this situation, but victims are suggested to consult with their physicians for the recovery of this increased warmth.

Finally, there are a number of other symptoms that prove a ankle sprain. But, the ones stated above are the most common. So, whatever the symptom you feel, what you primarily need to do is finding experienced sprained ankle expert who can prescribe you the proper rehabilitation.



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